Childrens Programs

Give your child an edge by enrolling them in one of our Children's Programs. These programs are age appropriate classes teaching skills such as gross motor skills, fine motor skills, listening positions, discipline, and many other life skills while having fun in a nurturing environment.


THE BENEFIT OF MENTAL DISCIPLINE applies to both scholastic achievement and physical improvement. The MARTIAL ARTS PROMOTE RESPECT FOR ONESELF, as well one’s parents, teachers, elders and friends.

-Leigh H. Nadler, M.D.

PSYCHOSOCIAL BENEFITS OF MARTIAL ARTS SCIENTIFIC STUDY: Empirical evidence supports anecdotal reports about the positive psychosocial consequences of martial arts practice.  Numerous investigations into this topic over three decades show that the practice of martial arts promotes positive psychosocial changes.

-results by Brad Binder, Ph.D

MICHAEL HAS BENEFITED GREATLY FROM THESE LESSONS: better concentration in school, self control, respect and sportsmanship.  I feel that this would be a great opportunity for these young people to learn something positive and in turn keep them out of trouble.

-Samual W. Garofolo, D.A.R.E Officer, President Crime Prevention Assoc.